Ideal Protein Helped Me Win The Weight Loss Battle

by | Apr 3, 2022 | Healthy Choices, Healthy Eating, Weight Loss

Battling my weight has been a recurring struggle for me, especially after each child. I do believe that I’m beautiful at any size but being 5’1″ and 215 lbs became too much for me. My body fat percentage was dangerously high and I could barely walk up a flight of stairs or run with my kids without being winded. I started this journey with hopes of being a healthier me and a more active mom.

Can you Lose Weight with just Exercise?

Beauty does come in all shapes and sizes, but I was flat out uncomfortable, so I decided to stop complaining and do something about it! I started this journey of working out and eating healthy after my second child was born. I was doing great! But, I was doing it all wrong. You see, many people think “ oh I gotta get this work out in”! We then forget to eat after. That’s not how it works! Food is medicine!! 80 percent nutrition 20 percent exercise! Nothing was working because I didn’t follow the 80/20.

Maintaining Weight Loss with Ideal Protein

I ran into a friend and she looked amazing!! I asked what she was doing and she mentioned Ideal Protein and of course, I asked for the information. The next day, I called the clinic and made an appointment. Well here we are 7 years later still 100 lbs lighter and never looking back!! Ideal Protein has changed my life!!

Tiffany Hedrick

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