Far Infrared Sauna

Sweat to your health with Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna

Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna

Sweating is the body’s safe and natural way to heal, stay healthy and detoxify. Sunlighten Far Infrared Sauna provides 7-10 times greater detoxification benefits, allowing 20% more toxins to be eliminated through the pores of your skin. All of this toxicity release is done by the infrared sauna operating at temperatures 60-80 degrees lower!

Conventional saunas or steam rooms, found in most gym or spa settings, provide only 2% of toxins to be released from your body and must operate at higher temperatures to achieve minimal results. A 30 minute infrared sauna session also supports weight-loss by burning 400-600 calories!

This is done so by the body’s core temperature rising when exposed to infrared heat and as natural response, circulation and sweat is increased. Continual use of an infrared sauna will also benefit in lowering blood pressure, improving circulation and aid skin purification.

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30 mins – Full Spectrum Sauna | $45

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