BackBone is your one stop wellness center

Our qualified wellness providers get to the cause of your health complaints and help you restore your health naturally.

We offer the latest technology in health and wellness to determine how your body is responding to your daily stressors, diet and physical demands. Testing is non-invasive and provides excellent feedback on how our wellness providers can help you achieve your optimum potential.

We offer TRUE wellness care designed to address your energy levels, stress levels, dietary needs, structural health, areas of pain and discomfort, and declining health. We understand there is a lot of information out there and changing your lifestyle can be easier when you are given proper treatment, advice and guidance from doctors trained in natural health care.

Our collective healthcare team provides you with the highest quality of service to address your natural healthcare needs. In a society focused on sick care and disease, we choose to focus on restoring your health and keeping you healthy.

Meet our Doctors

Dr. Kristy Clinton

Dr. Kristy

D.C., D.A.C.B.N., I.A.M.A., A.C.N., M.S. Nutr.

Dr. Tracie Schwab

Dr. Tracie

D.C., A.C.N., C.C.S.P., A.R.T.

Dr. Chris Ammann

Dr. Chris

D.C., C.A.T.S.

Dr. Ernesto
D.C., C.A.T.S.

Meet our Wellness Practitioners

Yvette Lejeune
Licensed Massage Therapist

Brenda Young

Brenda Young
Licensed Massage Therapist

Yuneisa Rodriguez
Licensed Massage Therapist

Annina Gregg

Karoline Eubank
Licensed Massage Therapist

Ryan Maracle
Licensed Massage Therapist

LaChanda Thompson
Ideal Protein Coach

Kevin Trybalski
Licensed Massage Therapist

Amanda Friedrich
Licensed Massage Therapist