Would Therapeutic Medical Massage be Beneficial for Me? 

by | Jun 7, 2022 | Massage

While massage therapy will not benefit every condition, when performed by a highly skilled licensed massage therapist, there are definitely many it can. 

We live in a very stressful world these days, and it is no secret that the past couple years haven’t helped in this area. Many individuals have had more than ever before on their plates, are more sedentary than ever,or maybe in the group who has taken their fitness to the next level. Some have tight muscles, joint pain, weight gain, have slacked on exercise, aren’t sleeping well, and just haven’t taken the time to take care of themselves mentally or physically. If you feel this way, you certainly are not alone. 

How Does Massage Help My Pain?

With that being said, we have recently had a lot of patients in the office who are ready to get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. Some have ignored aches and pains hoping they would go away, only to find that they have gotten worse. Therapeutic massage therapy is one modality we provide at BackBone Wellness Center that we often recommend for those painful areas. The reality is that as muscles tighten and shorten, various conditions can result. Headaches, neck and low back pain, tight hip flexors or hamstrings, plantar fasciitis, shoulder tension, arm tension, hand pain, tight calves, etc. can result from muscles that have become tense and painful. Massage therapy can enhance quality of life, relieve pain, restore mobility, regain lost function, and improve strength and balance just to name a few. When tension in muscles is released, we see improvements in blood flow, reduction in pain, reduced lactic acid build up, fewer knotted up muscles, and an improvement in the physiology of the muscles in general. 

How Often Will I Need to get a Massage to Improve?

BackBone Wellness Center offers a wide variety of massage choices, and your therapist or doctor can help determine which will be the best course of action for you. At times just one massage a month can be enough to maintain your health and keep you on track, and other conditions may require more frequent work to get you back to feeling healthy and energized. All too often, our incredibly valuable muscular systems get ignored until we are in so much pain, many aspects of life suffer. A healthy body is a moving body, and we need healthy muscles to allow us to live long active lives. Contact our office if you have any questions, or would like to know if one of our highly skilled massage therapists can help!

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