Chiropractor in Cedar Park, TX

Chiropractic care is designed to unleash your body’s innate ability to heal. Spinal misalignments (subluxations) cause nervous system interference and negatively affect many aspects of our health. Our nerves supply every organ and all functions within our bodies, so having a healthy nervous system is a key factor thus allowing your body the ability to heal itself, fight infection, remain disease free and function optimally. Because our nervous system is the master system of the body there is no pill in the world that can restore life back to the human body. Chiropractic care is the solution for structural and functional problems and we will look to find the true cause of your symptoms. Our passion and purpose is to help people get well naturally.

Our Treatment

  • Gentle, safe, and effective Chiropractic care for spinal complaints
  • Localized, traveling/radiating or referred pain complaints
  • Wrist, Shoulder, Knee, Hip, Elbow, TMJ and Ankle complaints
  • Pre and Post-Natal Spinal Care
  • Gentle Pediatric Chiropractic Care
  • Wellness and Preventative Care
  • Care for sports, ergonomic work, and auto injuries
  • Muscle Fascia Release
  • Neuromuscular Rebalancing for Weakened or Overworked Muscles

Our Diagnostics

  • New Patient Exams
  • X-rays
  • Nervous system scans

Supportive Physiotherapy

  • Interferential Therapy
  • Spinal Traction
  • Erchonia PL-5 Laser
  • Kinesio-taping
  • Rock Tape
  • Massage/Myofascial release therapy
  • Rehabilitative & Strengthening Programs

Structural Subluxations

Every adjustment at Backbone Wellness Center typically involves the percussor, a spinal adjustment, any necessary extremity adjustments and cold laser if needed. Each adjustment is specific to the patient which allows for the quickest route to healing. Advances in treating Subluxations are available today. Three of these tools are:


A myofascial instrument used to release restricted muscle tissue and break up scar tissue.


Spinal adjusting tool used in conjunction with other manual techniques and tools used to stimulate messages to the brain through the spinal pathways. This allows faster recovery from injuries and quicker healing via proper communication to the brain from all areas of your spine.

Erchonia Cold Laser

The first cold laser approved by the FDA for healing. Many NFL teams, Lance Armstrong and Olympians, use it. The frequency it emits is the same frequency as a healthy cell. It can also reset muscles neurologically in 12 seconds. More specific details are as follows:

The basic premise is that LLLT (low level light therapy) stimulates cell activation processes, which, in turn, intensify physiologic activity. Healing is essentially a cellular process and light energy initiates a cascade of reactions, from the cell membrane to the cytoplasm, to the nucleus and DNA. This is called cellular amplification; a phenomenon whose demonstration earned the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1994.

There are many biological processes that take place in tissues that have been shown to respond to LLLT in the 630-640 nanometer wavelength range. One of these processes is the enhancement of ATP production in the mitochondria, which provides more energy substrate for cellular healing and tissue recovery post injury. This wavelength has also been shown to decrease inflammatory mediators in wounds and increase endogenous endorphin release.

When one considers that wounds have varying degrees of cellular and vascular damage, the wound site can be in a potentially anaerobic state. Cells deprived of oxygen or blood supply have a potential to increase lactic acidosis and therefore amplify local cellular damage. Normal physiologic healing requires growth factors and cytokines to be released at the wound site. These cell mediators call inflammatory cells to the wound, which clean up damaged tissues, fight bacteria, and stimulate fibroblasts and vascular cells to grow to try to heal the zone of injury. The physiologic concept is that LLLT improves cellular metabolism and accelerates the process of debris cleaning, improves neutrophil bacterial clearing and hastens cellular division. Therefore, all stages of wound healing; hemostasis, inflammation, cell proliferation and migration, collagen synthesis, wound contraction, and wound remodeling proceed more rapidly and more efficiently.

Emotional Release Work

Mind Over Matter

When unresolved emotional problems are manifesting in physical symptoms, you need more than an adjustment. Our techniques will help you ‘clear’ negative emotions. Color therapy, emotional release therapy and behavior modifications are a few of the powerful tools that are available.

Learning to address these issues is part of the healing process. Just ask your doctor for techniques and advice if you feel your emotions are a large part of your physical complaints.

The Big Picture

Learning to address these issues is part of an overall treatment plan to restore your health, reduce stress and achieve emotional balance.