Dr. Chris Ammann

Dr. Chris Ammann


Dr. Chris Ammann has been living and practicing in Austin since 2012. He lived in Austin for 9 years before deciding to go back to school to pursue his calling to chiropractic. In addition to chiropractic, he has studied nutrition, sports related injuries, headaches and concussions, chronic pain and myofascial release. He continues to study and learn anything he can relating to health and wellness. Dr. Ammann feels that it is his job and duty to find and fix the causes of the condition that bring his patients to see him, not just “chase the pain”. This requires addressing any lifestyle choices being made that are contributing to the problem as well as utilizing chiropractic care. For the patient, this requires a commitment to making the necessary changes.

Upon graduating from Parker University in Dallas in 2011, he moved back to Austin as soon as he could with his wife and son and began his career in the healing arts. Since that time, he has adjusted hundreds of people ranging in age from 9 weeks to 90 years young. By utilizing chiropractic and other healing methods he has helped numerous people regain once lost vitality, vigor and positivity. Dr. Ammann believes that the keys to health are reducing the toxic load on the body, eliminating negativity, clearing past traumas, and of course, regular cranial and spinal chiropractic adjustments. By addressing the physical, mental and emotional burdens on the body and mind, we can all achieve a better level of health. Dr. Ammann is dedicated to helping everyone express the most optimal state of health and well being possible. He has spent most of his adult life serving others and is honored to be able to pass on his knowledge.

Now living in North Austin/Cedar Park with his beautiful wife, 2 children and 2 dogs, Dr. Ammann looks forward to providing every patient with a personalized, enlightening and caring experience.


  • Parker University Class of 2011
    • Doctor of Chiropractic
    • Bachelor of Anatomy
    • Bachelor of Health and Wellness


  • Cranial Adjusting Turner Style
  • Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

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