Acupuncture for Infertility and Stress Reduction at BackBone Wellness Center 

by | Jun 14, 2022 | Acupuncture

What does acupuncture have to do with fertility?  In a very simplistic explanation, acupuncture is based on energy pathways called meridians.  These main 12 energy meridians (named after organs they travel through or nearby) take turns controlling the monthly female hormone cycle.  Certain meridians are in charge of the first follicular stage (getting the eggs ready for fertilization) and others are in charge of the second half (luteal stage) incubation of the fertilized egg if properly achieved.  There are also meridians responsible for ovulation and menstruation.  Some of your hormonal symptoms and changes in cycle days are related to the struggle in these meridians to process and gather up enough energy to succeed.  Meridians can get clogged like dirty gutters. This can be because of many factors such as diet, lifestyle, emotions, trauma, medications and even ancestral issues.   Our chi or life force energy is approximately 30 percent ancestral or inherited chi.  The other 70%  is made up of environmental energy and diet, sunshine, water etc.  By using acupuncture points (portals for access to the meridian and how that path functions) we can balance, increase or decrease the energy in that pathway to help support your hormonal cycle naturally and effectively.  Some studies say acupuncture increases fertility up to 40-50%.  It is also best to ensure you are eating a healthy diet, lowering stress and anxiety, meditating and are free from toxins and endocrine disruptors to allow you to get the best results possible.  At BackBone Wellness Center we can help advise you on all steps to wellness as we are your one stop wellness center. 

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