A Program that Helps you Lose Weight for Good

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Do these statements below ring a bell when considering when to start your diet and weight loss journey?

“Oh no! I have another party/traveling for work/ dinner date, I can’t start a diet now!”

“I have a happy hour with friends.” 

“It’s my Birthday/Anniversary!”

“I’m having surgery.”

Or my Favorite. “I’ll wait to start after Vacation!”

In all honesty, I have said some, if not all, of these statements. Reality is: It’s never a good time to start working on your health. You just have to do it. 

Staying Motivated to Lose Weight

One thing that helped me is thinking of my WHY, not just that I want to lose weight, but something stronger and more meaningful that was going to keep me focused and motivated. My overall health and desire  to get off of BP medication and actually learning how to eat healthy was my “Why.”  I also didn’t want my poor habits to continue to affect my kids and their future.

Helpful Steps for Losing Weight

I knew it was going to take some work and determination. The hardest part was taking the first step. STARTING!  Second was addressing habits that had been a part of my life for way too long.  Ideal Protein was the plan that helped me start my journey of creating a new healthier version of me.  It was awesome having a coach to help guide me, motivate me, and encourage me through good weeks and also the not so good ones. I knew if I really wanted this to work, I needed to be honest with myself about foods that harmed my body and robbed me of my energy and health. Ideal Protein taught me how to build a love for healthy food with balance.

Overcoming Obstacles While Losing Weight

Starting the Ideal Protein journey, you are creating new healthy habits for your new healthy lifestyle. There will always be obstacles, the goal is not giving up.  Remember this journey is not a DIET it is truly a healthy lifestyle change.

Coach LaChanda

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