Integrative Treatments

Personal, customized integrative treatments just for you

BackBone Wellness Center provides innovative lifestyle programs combined with our natural healthcare services tailored to your needs. All programs are completely customized. You may fall into more than one category to maximize your vitality and improve the way you look and feel.

Our passion and goal is to get to the underlying cause of your health concerns to set you up on a path to healing. We intended to teach you how to live a healthier life by making conscious choices which allowing healing to occur. Preventing disease and illness maximizes your body’s potential to heal.

Do you….

Have as much energy as you would like?

Feel like a busy life has caused your body to suffer?

Gained weight and can’t figure out why?

Sleeping well?

Feel like you are aging too quickly?

Can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try?

Feeling irritable or anxious?

Always sick?

Has your skin lost its youthful glow?

Then an integrative treatment may be for you!

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