Are you aware of all the forms of Vitamin A?

There are 3 prescription strength retinoids on the market today:

Tretinoin –  Retin-A, Atralin, Avita, Retin-A Micro and Renova

Tazarotene Avage and Tazorac

Adapelene –  Differin

Some of you have probably used one or two of the above. Maybe you used it for anti-aging reasons, maybe you used it for clearing acne. Most of these forms of vitamin A can be irritating to the skin causing redness, flakiness and irritation.

Osmosis uses Retinaldehyde. Retinaldehyde is a natural form of vitamin A derived from beta carotene which is converted and used to boost our immune system and provide healthy skin cells. Equivalent in strength to prescription Retin-A, Retinaldehyde is less irritating and non-inflammatory. Osmosis is the only skincare line to formulate a stabilized liposomal delivered form of Retinaldehyde, so it can reach beyond the surface to deliver results. I always recommend introducing the vitamin A serum slowly and increasing the amount and frequency as your skin adjusts. There’s no rush in using “more”; let the skin acclimate and you will have beautiful results.

You might ask, “What sort of benefits does Retinaldehyde provide?” Glad you asked!

  • Calm inflammation
  • Repair the skin barrier
  • Rebuild the dermis
  • Remodel the skin
  • New collagen/elastin
  • Increase nutrition
  • Increase immune repair
  • Clear acne
  • Normalize oil production
  • Shrink pores
  • Remodel scarring
  • Antibacterial

If you have concerns about any of the above, then it might be time to think about adding a vitamin A serum to your daily regimen.

Check out Osmosis Vitamin A Serums for more information on what would be appropriate for  your skin.


Linda Jenkins

Linda earned her skin care license in Austin in 1999 and immediately began working in Austin at a high-end day spa. In 2000, The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina, presented her an impassable opportunity. Her decision to relocate was to gain further experience and share her passion at this renowned historical resort nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had tenure of 12 years with The Grove Park Spa family, four of which she was the Lead Esthetician.

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