Does your husband, boyfriend or significant other ever complain about shaving?

Are they grumbling because shaving makes their skin raw and sensitive? They get razor bumps?

They just can’t find that “perfect” razor, the one that gives the closest shave without those tiny cuts?

Maybe when they were younger they used to watch their dad’s shave and were convinced that was the proper way. It’s likely no one ever really took the time to show them the proper way to shave.

Here are some helpful tips to shaving properly:

  • Heat up the skin to open the pores by either showering first or wrapping a hot towel around the face.
  • Use a pre-shaving oil to soften the follicles making it easier to cut the hairs. Osmosis Immerse made from emu oil works great for this.
  • If you prefer a shaving cream do not use drugstore brands as those contain chemicals and drying alcohols that irritate the skin. Using a professional shaving soap with a brush lifts the hair making for a closer shave.
  • Shave according to the way the hair grows, not against the growth.
  • Change your razor blades frequently; using dull blades causes cuts and possibly ingrown hairs.
  • After shaving splash cold water on the face not only to rinse it clean but to also close the pores.
  • Finish by applying a soothing gel such as Aloe Vera or a shaving balm which is hydrating and reduces inflammation.

Following these simple, yet effective, steps will ensure a close shave and healthier skin.

Linda Jenkins

Linda earned her skin care license in Austin in 1999 and immediately began working in Austin at a high-end day spa. In 2000, The Grove Park Inn Resort & Spa in Asheville, North Carolina, presented her an impassable opportunity. Her decision to relocate was to gain further experience and share her passion at this renowned historical resort nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. She had tenure of 12 years with The Grove Park Spa family, four of which she was the Lead Esthetician.

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